Two Worlds, One Love – Chap. 2


They reached the cabin right at nightfall and unpacked the car.  As they were settling into the cabin, they realized they had a problem they had not thought of.  There was only one bedroom in the cabin.  Sarabelle tried not to think about that just yet, instead she walked up to Kayden, “Can we talk?”  He grimaced, “I guess now’s as good a time as any.  Let’s go sit on the couch.”  They proceeded to walk to the couch and then sit at opposite ends.  “Are you afraid to sit by me now Belle?”  “No, I just don’t know what to think about all of this right now.”  He stared at a spot over her head, purposely not looking her in the eyes, “Well, ask away darlin’.”  Sarabelle sat silent for a moment, debating on what to ask, “Well, what did you mean by you can read “most” people’s minds?”  Kayden stated bluntly, “I can read everyone’s mind completely, but your’s.  I only get short, inadequate things from your’s.”  Sarabelle breathed a sigh of relief.  Kayden looked at her for the first time during this talk, “You know, it actually sucks because I don’t know how you truly feel about me.”  “Kay, you know how I feel.”  “No, I know what you’ve told me.  Nothing more.”  She paused.  Should she tell him the truth?  No, that would only make things awkward between them.  Kayden was watching her; she could feel his eyes upon her.  She looked up and met his gaze.  “Belle…”  Kayden looked nervous.  What was he going to say?  “Belle, I…I love you.”  Sarabelle’s mouth dropped open and she was speechless.  “What did you just say?”  Kayden gulped, “I said, I love you Sarabelle Ann Carter.”  She blushed and then started crying.  Kayden started panicking, “Belle?  Belle?  I didn’t mean to upset you.  I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time now…I just didn’t know how.”  Sarabelle looked up at him with tear filled eyes, “Kay, I’m not crying because you upset me, I’m crying because I never thought I’d hear you say that and the truth is, I love you too Kayden Van Williamson.”  They both stared at each other for a long minute.  “Do you really Belle?”  “Yes, I really do.”  She smiled and wiped her eyes.  Kayden leaned towards her and kissed her softly on the lips.  Sarabelle was shocked at first and then kissed him back.  When they broke their kiss, they were both smiling.  Sarabelle then heard her stomach growl and she realized they hadn’t eaten since lunch.  “Kay, are you hungry?”  “Yeah babe, now that you mention it, I am.”  Belle got up and made her way back to the kitchen, Kayden following right behind.  “What do you want to eat?”  Kayden smiled and kissed her on the nose.  “Anything you fix is perfectly fine with me.”  She giggled, “Well, okay then.”


While Sarabelle was cooking lunch for them, Kayden took the time to watch her and reminisce about the first day they met.  He’d been on the verge of committing suicide.  Thinking back on that day now he realized how different his life would’ve been without his bellaboo.  He smiled at the nickname he’d given her; he loved how it made her smile.  He remembered the day they met by things which Sarabelle had told him.  He’d been high and drunk and didn’t remember a thing.  At the time drinking and getting high seemed to be his only option to escape the cruel world in which he lived.  Until the day he met Sarabelle, Kayden wasn’t sure he was meant to be in this world.  All of his life his parents had hit him and each other.  When they weren’t hitting him, they were using him for their own sexual perversions.  Even before he realized he could read minds, he’d known they didn’t care for him.  He was never meant to be born; they’d bluntly told him that one night.  He’d gone into his room and cried until the sun came up.  Who are you if you don’t have someone to love you?  After that night, he’d turned to drugs and alcohol.  The pain of being trapped in a home where you’re not wanted and you’re used constantly isn’t appropriate for any child growing up.  On top of everything going on at home, he now knew he could read other people’s minds and he knew their problems and emotions.  His new “gift” added even more stress to him and when he drank it dulled his senses so he couldn’t sense others.  He’d always been a loner; when you’re abused, you tend to not trust people easily.  When he’d found out he could read other people’s minds he’d become even more of a loner than before, preferring to stay alone than deal with other people’s pain.  He stared at Sarabelle for what seemed like hours.  She’d been the one to turn his life around.  The night she sat with him and listened to him spill his guts, he’d fallen in love with her.  At that time, though, he didn’t realize it.  He slowly got up from where he’d been sitting and made his way to stand behind Sarabelle.  He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her cheek.  She turned to face him and they just stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity.  Slowly, Kayden leaned towards her and kissed her softly on the lips.  He felt her smile against his lips and he smiled back and whispered, “I love you.”  He watched her blush.  “I love you too Kay.  Why don’t you go shower while I finish cooking?”  “Will do babe.”  He grinned and made his way upstairs to the bathroom.  Kayden went to the bedroom first and grabbed a pair of his boxers and then made his way to the shower.


Sarabelle stood in the kitchen, cooking lunch and thought about all that had happened today.  She smiled when she heard the water turn on upstairs and tried not to think about him being in the shower.  She’d noticed he’d been staring at her while he was down here and it made her blush.  She’d never get tired of him or the way he said he loved her.  She started to worry about what they were going to do about there only being one bed.  She blushed as thoughts ran through her mind.  She could offer to sleep on the couch, but knowing Kayden, he’d already moved his stuff down to the living room.  She froze as she heard the water turn off in the bathroom and started to fix their plates for lunch.  She’d prepared his favorite meal.  She put the plates on the table and lit a candle in the middle of the table.  She smiled to herself and heard Kayden coming downstairs.  She turned towards the door just as he was walking through it.  She froze and her heart felt like it’d stopped.  She’d never seen Kayden like this.  He was just wearing boxers, nothing else.  She tried not to blush, but she saw him smiling so she knew she was already blushing.  “I, um, fixed your favorite.”  He walked over to her and kissed her again.  Oh, how she loved when he kissed her!  He whispered, “Thank you Bellaboo.  Do I make you uncomfortable like this?”  She froze.  He was worrying about her being comfortable?  “No, actually I love seeing you like this Kay.”  He was blushing.  No one had ever told him that before, she knew.  For the first time all day, she pulled him close to her and hugged him tight.  “I love you Kayden.”  “I love you too Bellaboo.”  She smiled, “Are you hungry?”  “Why, yes I am.”  She watched him as he pulled out a chair for her and she sat down.  He walked over to his seat and sat down.  They ate in silence, each occupied by their own thoughts.  Sarabelle finally spoke up, “Kay, where are we going to sleep tonight?”  He looked up, “Well, I was thinking you could sleep on the bed and I could sleep on the couch?”  She was quiet for a few moments, “Kay, I don’t want to sleep far away from you.  Is it okay with you if we just both sleep in the bed?”  She started worrying when he didn’t answer.  “I don’t mind that at all baby.”  She smiled and they finished their lunch.  Sarabelle watched as he got up and gathered the dishes and put them in the sink.  She smiled, “What do you want to do now baby?”  He turned to her and smiled, “Well, I have something I want to show you.”  He walked over to her and intertwined his fingers with hers.  They then walked upstairs so he could show her what he’d wanted to.


Walking upstairs seemed to take forever to Sarabelle.  She didn’t know what to expect and she was trying her best not to visibly shake.  You see, after Kayden quit drinking and getting high, she couldn’t sense things from him.  It seemed he had a barrier that normal people did not; she knew why now.  It seemed to her that his ability to read people’s mind was his barrier, just as her ability to see visions stopped him from being able to read her mind.  They reached the top of the stairs and Kayden told her to stay right there.  She started to panic.  What was he doing?  What did he want to show her?  She wandered at the top of the stairs aimlessly, waiting on Kayden to come back.  It seemed he was taking forever.  She took a deep breath and sat on the top step.  No sooner had she sat down that hands covered her eyes.  A moment of panic overwhelmed her until she heard Kayden chuckling behind her.  She got up carefully and turned to face him.  He didn’t look any different.  He lightly kissed her cheek and held her hand as they made their way to his “secret” destination.  She looked around and wondered what all of this could be about.  As soon as they neared a doorway Kayden told her to close her eyes.  She did.  She didn’t know why or when it started, but she trusted Kayden with her life.  Holding his hand, she let him lead her out onto a balcony of some sort, or she assumed it was a balcony because she felt sun on her face.  Kayden stood beside her and told her to open her eyes.  When she opened her eyes, she was shocked to see a beautiful garden down below.  Every type and color imaginable was planted there.  It seemed to go on forever and she gasped when she saw, in pink roses, the shape of an S.  She looked at Kayden, “Did you do this?”  He blushed.  Before he even admitted it, she knew he had.  The question was, how?  She smiled and stood close to him, causing him to stiffen.  She giggled, “Kayden, thank you, but how did you do this?”  “Well, you know that week I was gone in April?  I came here and planted these.  I was hoping to one day have the courage to show you how much I care about you.”  She saw the blush rising to his cheeks even more.  He was so cute when he blushed.  “Kay, I love that you did this for me, but you didn’t have to.”  He smiled, “I know, but I wanted to.  You’re my everything Belle.”


He saw her falter when he said those words.  She looked confused and scared.  He felt awful.  Why had he said that?  Now was not the time.  She spoke so softly that he could barely hear her, “Kayden, I don’t know what to say…”  He took her hand in his and looked her in the eyes, “You don’t have to say anything. Sometimes silence speaks louder than words.”  She looked away from him then and it concerned him.  He turned her face back towards him gently and saw she was crying.  He was shocked and scared.  Had he done or said something wrong?  He started to apologize when she cut him off, “Kay, I’m not use to this.  I come from a family that could care less about me.  My mom and dad left.  My brother went to stay who knows where and I got stuck with Aunt Tiff who doesn’t understand me.”  She started crying harder and he didn’t know what to do so he pulled her in his arms and held her tightly.  “Everything’s going to be okay now Bellaboo.  I’ll protect you and be here for you no matter what.  Nothing and no one is going to take me away from you.  You’re my world and my…”  He paused for a second.  She looked up at him with her blue eyes that took his breath away every time.  “Soulmate?” she whispered, almost inaudibly.  He paused, then looked into her eyes, “Yes, my soul mate.”  He leaned in to kiss her and she slid her arms around his neck.  Their kiss was one of raw passion and need.  When they broke the kiss, he led her back inside and they snuggled on the couch watching TV.  The entire time he didn’t pay attention to the show, instead trying to read some of her thoughts but she had them tightly concealed from him.  He nudged her lightly, “Babe, don’t you need to go take a shower?”  She giggled and joked, “Do I stink or something?”  He blushed and quickly tried to fix what he had said, “No, no…I…”  “Kay, I know what you meant.  I was just joking.”  She kissed him lightly on the cheek and got up to go.  “I won’t take long.”  “Take all the time you need baby.”  They smiled at each other and Sarabelle disappeared upstairs to shower.


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