Chapter 6 & 7 (Love Conquers All)


After the risky surgery with Abbigail, Joliet was still worried. The pregnancy had been unexpected, and certainly high risk. She was well past her prime for birthing pups, as evident with the delivery. Joliet shook her head as she cleaned up, trying to clear her mind. It was lucky that both she and Cheyenne had backgrounds in veterinary medicine for situations like this.

Once everything was cleared and Joliet was sure that Abbigail was settled, she decided it was time to make her rounds in the rescue. Joliet called out to Cheyenne, “Chey, I’m going to make the rounds and check on all the animals and staff. Call if you need anything!” Joliet faintly heard Chey’s distinct laughter followed by a male’s, then heard Chey’s response. “Got it!”

Joliet first began her rounds by checking on the rest of the dogs in the dog palace which was one of the first buildings ever built on the rescue. Once she was satisfied that everyone was cared for properly, and she stopped to say hello to the corgi/husky mix Jack, she decided to head out. The rescue was laid out unlike most others, which made it unique. Next door to the dog palace was the cat cabana. Not far from the dog and cat facilities were the horse pastures, and aviary. The rescue even had an area designated for small animals (rodents/rabbits/etc). There was also a lot of area designated for trails, and dog pens. Because of the layout, Joliet headed to the cat cabana and checked on them before heading off to the rest of the rescue.

Once finished with the cat cabana, Joliet set off on a leisurely pace around the 1200-acre rescue, deciding to take her time to make the rounds today. The ordeal with Abbigail momentarily took her mind off of her past and her writing, but now those thoughts were back. It had been so long since thoughts of that person had brought such feelings about that it shocked her to be feeling such a way now. She considered bringing it up with her husband, but thought better of it.

Shaking her head to clear it again, Joliet continued on her rounds. She checked on the horse pastures, aviary, and small animal habitats. Satisfied with how all of the animals and staff were, Joliet still wasn’t ready to be confined back to her office. She didn’t want to confront the possibility of the unknown box being from her past. She looked towards the trails. “Ah, what the hell.”

Joliet took out her phone and shot a quick text to Cheyenne’s phone so someone would know where she was. “Heading to the lake. Taking the trail. Can’t face office yet.” With that, Joliet took off at a small jog towards one of the trails that was marked as ‘lake trail’.










Once arriving at the trail, Joliet looked back towards the main administrative building of the rescue. She shuddered visibly, thinking about the box and her past. She knew it was silly, but things still haunted her. She set off at a brisk pace down the trail, hoping a nice dip in the lake would cleanse her spirit.

Upon reaching the end of the trail, Joliet paused. It never failed to amaze her how beautiful this part of the landscape was. The lake had a small, but magnificent waterfall that someone had put lights behind. It was breathtakingly beautiful here at night. Stripping down to her underwear, Joliet prepared for a dip in the water when she heard a noise behind her.

“Are you stripping down for me, or am I just lucky enough to be here at the right time?” Freaked out, Joliet whipped around. “How…why are you here?” The man, who’d been hiding in the shadows stepped out. “Well, I knew you used to come here often. But, I also tapped Cheyenne’s phone to spy on you.” Joliet’s face lost all color, “Why not just tap my phone? Why hers?” “Oh, it would be too easy to just tap yours. I had to make it fun.” Joliet had heard enough at that point. She grabbed her clothes back up, and took off at a run towards the rescue.

Reaching the end of the trail, Joliet braved looking back. He hadn’t tried to follow her. “Strange…” she muttered a loud. Joliet dressed quickly and ran back to her office, calling Brice. “Hello Ms. Joliet” “Yeah…Hi Brice. Can you tell Cheyenne to meet me at my house please?” “Uhm…sure. Yes ma’am.” “Thank you”. With that, she hung up the phone and put a note on her door claiming she wasn’t feeling well and was going home early. She grabbed her things and ran out the door and to her car, making the trip home.


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