Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror?
What do you see?
Do you see what other people see in you…
Is that even possible?

Do mirrors convey what’s really important, or
do they merely show what’s on the outside?
How is one to know how to feel,
when the outside doesn’t match the inside?

How do people come to understand,
to know, to feel..what other people do?
Is it in the way others look at you,
Or is it in the tone of their voice?

What about the people who’ve never felt..
Anything, from anyone?
Are they merely mistaken,
Or has there been a lack of communication?

What magical properties does the mirror have,
To make girls obsess over their appearance?
What horrors does a mirror witness
In times when people forget it’s even there?

Then again, what other things
Does the magical mirror see?
Happiness, acceptance, love…
Is it possible that the mirror isn’t all bad?

Perhaps somewhere along the way,
Lines got crossed…
A magical object, designed to witness good things and bad,
Now is a bad object in and of itself.

Who’s to say, really
When the mirror became evil..
When people stopped looking internally,
For beauty and confidence.

Now, people rely on the outside
Society tells us we must..
So the mirror is an enemy to most,
But a friend to some.